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Castello di Maniace – Maniace’s castle

In front of the mythical Fonte Aretusa, we can see the imposing Maniace’s Castle, on the extreme tip of the island. The building is among the most important monuments of the Swabian […]

Pesce stocco ‘a ghiotta o alla Messinese

Pesce stocco ‘a ghiotta or alla Messinese is an extraordinary and ancient Sicilian recipe. With its a clear Norman influence (it is a typical fish of the Scandinavian countries) it […]

L’uomo di Altamura – The Altamura man

October 7th, 1993: after more than a year of excavating a prehistoric human skeleton is found in a corner of the Lamalunga Cave in the territory of Altamura. Early in 1991 […]

Saint Corrado Feast

Sicily The feast of Saint Corrado in Noto The celebration day of the feast of Saint Corrado in Noto is the 19th of February but it is repeated the last […]

Minne di Sant’ Agata

If you’ve ever studied art history, you’ll know how to easily spot Saint Agatha in a fresco painting – she’s the one holding her breasts on a platter, a hint […]

Ortigia Antiquaria

Ortigia Antiquaria: 8- 9- 10 February 2019 The curiosity. Love for history. The emotion for a rare piece or for a masterpiece. A memory. Visitors to Ortigia Antiquaria live emotions […]