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1st of May: Italy celebrates International Workers’ Day

May in Italy begins with a public holiday based on an important anniversary: the Festa dei Lavoratori.Celebrated in more than eighty countries, in Italy, as in the rest of the world, International Workers’ […]

Messinese Flat Bread – Focaccia Messinese

Ingredients: 500g of 00 flour A packet of brewer’s yeast and water (q.b) A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar Olive oil 1 head of escarole Cherry tomatoes q.b. […]

Liberation Day Observances in Italy

Liberation Day, or Festa della Liberazione, on April 25 is a national public holiday marked by ceremonies, historic re-enactments, and celebrations commemorating the end of World War II in Italy. Many towns hold […]

Santa Maria la Scala

Santa Maria La Scala is a fishing village not far from Acireale, it is reached walking on the old road called by Acireale people “le Chiazzette“, that it is a true nature trail within the natural […]

Sicilian Easter lamb – Agnello alla messinese

35 oz lamb 2 glass red wine 5 oz black olives 3.5 oz grated Pecorino Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt and pepper to taste The “Agnello alla Messinese” is a Sicilian recipe […]

Easter in Sicily: traditions and events – Holy Week

The Easter period is probably the best to visit Sicily. The climate is mild and the countryside is full colored flowers. Also, during the Holy Week, in the sicilian towns, revive very ancient and […]

Villa Belvedere

The public garden of Acireale, also called Villa Belvedere, thanks to the beautiful view it offers to its visitors, is at the end of the Corso Umberto, the main street that links the […]

Strawberry Festival – Sagra delle fragole

Strawberry and … its Feast. Delight of the palate served in an overwhelming show. The delicious Cassibile strawberry is the undisputed star of the evocative “Feast” dedicated to her, at […]

Panelle – Sicilian recipe

The Panelle are a typical dish of the Palermo tradition. They are world famous for being one of the most popular street foods Ingredients For 10 Person(s) For the Panelle: 1 cup garbanzo flour […]

Isola di Lachea – Lachea Island

It’s the island that make up the archipelago of the Cyclops with other seven big rocks off Aci Trezza Sea. Its origin, caused by intense volcanic activity of Mount Etna, is dated back about 500.000 years […]