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Pantalica Necropoli

Pantalica Necropili is an archaeological site is located not far from Siracusa on a cliff that overlooks the gorges of the river Anapo.  This area, as well as being rich in history is also […]


PIZZA MARGHERITA Invented in Naples in honor of the first queen of Italy, the Margherita pizza is the triumph of Italian cuisine in the world. INGREDIENTS:Per 6 servings FOR PASTA […]

Montalbano Elicona

To tell you about Montalbano Elicona (Messina) we start from the meaning of its name. There are two possible explanations. According to the former the name derives from monte “albanus”, […]

San Mauro Abate Feast

January 14/16, Viagrande (CT) San Mauro Abate Feast Solemn celebrations of the patron San Mauro Abate on 15 January in Viagrande (CT), a spectacular and long-awaited exit of the Patron Saint […]

Taralli pugliesi

TRADITIONAL TARALLI PUGLIESI RECIPE  When traveling through Puglia, the “heel of the boot” of Italy, food is everywhere.  Beneath majestic olive trees, there are fields of red earth planted with vegetables, and […]

Sicily and Cinema

Sicily has always been a big open-air set. From  the countryside to the sea, from the art cities to the historic houses, the island has always been a favorite destination […]

The Vicerè of Federico De Roberto

Federico De Roberto (16 January 1861 Naples – 26 July 1927 Catania) was an Italian writer, who became well known for his novel I Viceré (1894), translated as The Viceroys. Biography He began his writing career as a […]


Visit Altamura Altamura is an important historical town situated in the heart of the Puglia (Apulia) region of south-east Italy best known for its cathedral and Museum of Archaeology. Ancient […]


Never mind the sour cream, farmer’s cheese, cream cheese, water bath, and worrying about a sunken center. The filling for this delicious cheesecake has just four simple ingredients, and the […]

Christmas Cribs of Acireale

Christmas has never been so magic in Acireale. Just like every year, the path of Christmas cribs still enchant citizens and tourists. Along to history, the first Christmas crib representing Nativity scene […]