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Pantalica Necropili is an archaeological site is located not far from Siracusa on a cliff that overlooks the gorges of the river Anapo.  This area, as well as being rich in history is also a valuable natural oasis and to swim in the cool waters of this river is a unique opportunity for fans of canyoning.

Even before the Greek colonization, south-eastern Sicily was inhabited, both on the coastal plains and on rugged mountains, by various populations, as evidenced by the impressive archaeological remains which are still visible and the vast necropolis of artificial caves of Pantalica. However, the first human traces could date back to 70,000 years ago with some settlements of Homo Sapiens and perhaps before, Homo Neanderthal…

Here we are in an era in which the cities of ancient Greece are still far from being born, where iron is still unknown and the bronze is the great technological innovation.
We are in the era of the heroes which Homer talked about in the Iliad and the Odyssey. For instance, when it was the Mycenaean people of the legendary Agamemnon sailing the seas in search of new commercial landings. It is precisely at this time that the stronghold of Pantalica in Sicily reaches the height of its powers. *

Dating back to this period is the spectacular necropolis consisting of about 5,000 burial caves carved into the natural rock and the Anaktoron (Prince’s Palace), located on the hilltop, reminiscent of the grandeur of the Mycenaean palaces.

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