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Port of Etna

PORTO DELL’ETNA – Marina di Riposto The Port constitutes a modern, well-equipped yacht marina within the existing structure of the Port of Riposto, 6 nautical miles from Taormina and at the […]

The village of Capomulini

The village of Capomulini is located at about five kilometers from Acireale. This seafaring village, which borders the northern side of Catania Gulf, until the Middle Ages was the “old” Acireale. With the growth and […]

Casa del Nespolo Museum

In the heart of the seaside village of Aci Trezza you can find the Casa del Nespolo Museum, a magical place from where you can “enter” into the pages of […]

Trekking in the Plemmirio Nature Reserve – Syracuse

A Day Of Trekking On The Magdalen Peninsula, Amongst Archaeological Sites And Snorkelling. Offers details A unique excursion in a truly incredible setting; the Magdalen Peninsula, on the south side […]

The Grotta Azzurra of Taormina

Grotta Azzurra is a sea cave named after the blue reflection on the water in the grotto, that illuminates the cave completely. The blue grotto or also called blue cave […]


On top of the Etna you can do routes (from one hour to 2-3 days) on a donkey. These cuddly quadrupeds love children. They are able to ride them with the rope […]

The Infiorata di Noto in Sicily

The Infiorata di Noto, one of the most colorful festivals anywhere in the world, takes place every year over the third weekend of May (in 2019, from 17th-19th May). For two […]

Motta S. Anastasia’s Castle

Motta Sant’Anastasia Castle, locally known as Castello di Motta Sant’Anastasia, lies in the town of the same name, in the Catania province on the island of Sicily in Italy. The […]

Panelle e crocché

If street food needs a flag, this would be the color of the panelle. It is a sort of savory pancakes made from chickpea flour, generally eaten on the street, […]

Ear of Dyonisius

The teardrop shape of the Ear of Dionysus cavern (Orecchio di Dionisio in the original Italian) is famous for acoustic properties that amplify even the quietest of sounds, allowing them to […]