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Catania owns a hundred year old tradition related to food, due to its contamination and rulers: anyone who arrived here, left a bit of its history and of its dishes. […]


A delicious roast lamb with red wine, Pecorino cheese and black olives, a traditional Sicilian Easter recipe. A mix of Mediterranean flavors for your Sunday Easter recipes. INGREDIENTS 35 oz […]

L’aceddu cu’ L’Ova

Every year at Easter my Sicilian Nonna would make these cookies for all 10 grandchildren. She’d go house to house to deliver them to all of us. She’d make them […]

Torta Mimosa

This post is a bit overdue. On March 8, four weeks ago, Italian friends of mine came over for dinner. I had never heard of International Women’s Day (La Festa […]


If you’ve ever studied art history, you’ll know how to easily spot Saint Agatha in a fresco painting – she’s the one holding her breasts on a platter, a hint […]

Torrone siciliano – Sicilian Almond Brittle

Author Notes: This sticky, brittle made from almonds in hard caramel is a Sicilian specialty, symbolic of all holidays, fairs, and festivals, from Carnival to Christmas. But it’s also found all […]

Pizza Margherita recipes

Invented in Naples in honor of the first queen of Italy, the Margherita pizza is the triumph of Italian cuisine in the world. INGREDIENTS 2 lb Italian “00” flour or […]

Frutta Martorana

These exquisite marzipan sweets, perfectly reproducing vegetables, and fruit, are a true expression of great gastronomical creativity. Gracefully placed in wicker baskets or in wooden boxes, they appear in almost every Sicilian […]

Panettone recipe

Paul Hollywood’s version of panettone is a recipe that sits between the classic panettone and a brioche. You will need an 18cm/7in panettone tin. Ingredients 500g/1lb 2oz strong white flour 7g salt […]

Pandoro Recipe

This Italian sweet bread translates as ‘golden bread’ and it gets its color from egg yolks, so use the freshest and best-quality eggs available. For this recipe, you will need […]