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This post is a bit overdue. On March 8, four weeks ago, Italian friends of mine came over for dinner. I had never heard of International Women’s Day (La Festa della Donna in Italy) before, but my Italian friends had enlightened me when we set that particular date for this cena. Mimosa has become the symbol of la Festa della Donna in Italy since the mimosa trees in Italy blossom in the first days of March, and so I decided to surprise my friends by baking a Torta Mimosa for dessert. As you can see, there is a clear resemblance between the cake and the mimosa blossoms.

Although the cake is made of sponge cake and pastry cream only, the effect is quite stunning and it tastes great as well. I made this cake using the recipe from GialloZafferano. Sponge cake is called Pan di Spagna in Italy (which indicates that this type of sponge cake actually originated in Spain), and is different from the sponge cake made in the Netherlands in that more egg yolks are used, making it very yellow.