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A delicious roast lamb with red wine, Pecorino cheese and black olives, a traditional Sicilian Easter recipe. A mix of Mediterranean flavors for your Sunday Easter recipes.


  • 35 oz lamb
  • 2 glass red wine
  • 5 oz black olives
  • 3.5 oz grated Pecorino
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

The “Agnello alla Messinese” is a Sicilian recipe and makes part of the traditional Easter Sicilian food. In the Christian tradition lamb is a symbolic animal that represents the sacrifice of Jesus. But already in the old Testament, lamb was associated with the Passover.

Italian Easter Dinner Traditions

Nowadays lamb is considered as a traditional Easter meat dish in the Italian cuisine. Other traditions of the Italian Easter menu are hard boiled eggs  and chocolate, cheese bread, fried artichokes, the Casatiello.

This lamb recipe is a savory regional variant of the more common roast lamb: the meat is flavored with wine, Pecorino cheese and black olives.


How to cook Easter roast lamb with wine and olives

  • Dice the lamb and season the pieces of meat with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • Place the lamb together with the marinade in a baking pan.
  • Add the red wine and sprinkle with grated Pecorino.
  • Bake at low temperature for one hour.
  • Turn the pieces upside down and add water to prevent them from drying too much and sticking on the bottom of the pan.
  • Serve wih fresh vegetables and roast potatoes.