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Santa Maria La Scala is a fishing village not far from Acireale, it is reached walking on the old road called by Acireale people “le Chiazzette“, that it is a true nature trail within the natural reserve called Timpa.

The small town of Santa Maria La Scala is built around the harbor called “Scalo Grande”, in the south you will see amill that is still functioning fed from the Miuccio source, whose name derives from the surname of the family that owned.

The seaside village of Santa Maria La Scala is famous for its natural beauty, as the Cave of the Doves, according to legend, a refuge of love of Acis and Galatea.
The town became a local tourist destination in summer because it is the seaside of Acireale, whether there are very beautiful the lava stone descents to the sea.

Another feature that makes Santa Maria La Scala a popular folk  place is due to the possibility to still see the old and experienced fishermen mending nets on the pier and the old embroiders weaver .