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The ground floor of Palazzo Ingrassia, house of the department of Archeology and of Science of Antiquities, hosts the Archeological Museum of Catania. A rich collection of artifacts dated back to prehistoric times until Middle Age.

The story of the collection begins in 1898 when Paolo Orsi, Director of the Archeological Museum of Siracusa, donates some artifacts coming from the excavation of Megara Hyblaea. The present-day collection has been enriched, from 1915, by Guido Libertini, who was a brilliant student of the Italian Archeological School of Athen and then president of the Catania University. He’s the reason why we can also appreciate 78 fake artifacts realized with great skill by the forgers of Centuripe.

The museum has been realized thanks to Progetto Catania – Lecce (2003).