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The Museum


Great and singular work has been carried out with minuteness by skilled workers. The family patron Niccolai, Artisans of Florence, has been able to restore life to the realization and the faithful reproduction of Leonardo’s machines, all working in detail and rebuilt with special procedures. The models reproduced, which cannot certainly be defined only “models”, were rigorously made entirely in wood, metal and cordage pertaining to that era, for this commitment it required sophisticated technologies and special human abilities.

The “machines” displayed at the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimedes of Syracuse also have the distinction of being interactive, which is a fundamental aspect to arouse the visitor, not only an intense experience sensory perceptual and cognitive, but also, through direct contact with the “Leonardo’s material”. The value and importance of cultural and scientific views of the museums would like to draw the interest of the general public, by the pupils of primary schools of first and second grade, teachers and students of universities; to lovers of mechanics and kinetics, historical buffs and more generally to the Italian and foreign visitors, admirers from scientific-cultural event. Next to each machine is affixed a panel with an explanation in multi-languages.

In addition, the Leonardo Workshop “W Leonardo”, set up inside the museum bearing the same name in Syracuse, will allow to assemble some of the machinery and experience the building of some models present on display. In the exhibition is displayed a widescreen and documentary about the life and works of Leonardo, organized by the direction of the Museum of Syracuse.

The museum of Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimedes of Syracuse has the largest exposure of the Machines of Leonardo accurately reproduced on the basis of the Da Vinci Codes, uniquely in Sicily and from Florence moving south. On display we can admire 60 works and a significant collection of anatomical studies, testifying the obsession of Leonardo for the mechanics of the human body. The superb and unique activity of the museum is endorsed by the supervision and accreditation of Prof. Carlo Pedretti, international expert of the Da Vinci Codes and director of the “Armand Hammer” Center at the University of California.

This year, inside the Museum, an entire special section has been dedicated to the great mathematician Archimedes, the Museum has been credited as the only recognized throughout Italy dedicated to the genius of Syracuse. An absolute novelty in the cultural world: the genius of Syracuse in conversation with his Tuscan heir. There are several inventions exposed of the mythical Archimedes, to name a few, the spiral, the cochlea. A well defined and detailed special museum tour that compares and confronts the fifteen working machines, dedicated to engineering, scientific and mathematical studies of two geniuses, two pillars of science United by love for knowledge and understanding.

The collection exists at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Art and Designs of Syracuse, it’s an example of international level of studies and work on the models of the collection. The collection of 249 models has presently been in Italy for years, but also in Australia, USA, Spain, Brazil, China, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Brazil, UAE, France, Finland, New Zealand.

Syracuse is a suggestive location, located in the oldest part of the city of Archimedes, one of the city’s most important buildings. The former convent of retreat located in Ortigia, the curtain rises on the music of that time, between period clothes and mysterious mechanisms, for those who want to deepen their knowledge or browse through the codes of the two greatest geniuses of all time such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimedes.