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The New Year’s Eve at the foot of Etna, having fun and relaxing without excessive costs of an alternative holiday. Here’s what to do and where to go in Catania during the year-end holidays and on the day that celebrates the new one. Interesting events both in the city and in the province, here is a guide with interesting information.

New Year’s Eve in the square with music in Catania
The heart of Catania is Piazza Duomo, located at the end of the long (about 3 km) and baroque Via Etnea. At the foot of the lava elephant called “Liotru”, with the elegant profile of the cathedral and the buildings of the city government, every year a musical concert takes place to accompany the long night of December 31st. Artists of modern music entertain the crowd in the square until the famous “countdown”. For some years now the tradition of a classical music concert has come into use, with which the new year opens, on the 1st of January, at the Bellini Theater. For information on New Year’s Eve in Catania, thanks always to the City of Catania to always have the program updated and secure, without having surprises of the last chin.

What to do at Christmas and New Year in Catania and surroundings
If you arrive in Catania even during the Christmas holidays, and not just for New Year’s Eve, I suggest you to travel also for its beautiful province. It is worth visiting the artistic cribs of Mineo, but also the ceramic ones of Caltagirone. Even nearby Acireale offers a path of artisanal cribs, including the last one with life-size wax mannequins, dressed in clothes from the seventeenth century, the “Grotta”, a church carved into the rock of lava.

Several cultural initiatives take place in central Catania in the weeks between Christmas and New Year! Guided tours to the Benedictine Monastery, art exhibitions at Castello Ursino, the magnificent Norman manor located in Piazza Federico di Svevia, and the Cortile Platamone, the Christmas markets in the gardens of some noble palaces on Via Etnea. On December 31 morning, the “San Silvestro a Mare”, a daring swimming competition in the cold waters of the port of Ognina, on the seafront of Catania, also faced by elderly and children!

A city of Catania in particular are held Christmas markets, while in the province they deserve to consider the Christmas Market in Caltagirone with typical artisan products, and the Christmas Market in Zafferana Etnea.

At Christmas and New Year in Catania, visit to the Christmas and New Year pages in Catania.

New Year’s Eve dinner. Where to eat in Catania
Visiting Catania you can not miss the specialties of the area, first of all the famous Pasta alla Norma with tomato, aubergines and grated ricotta. As for desserts … cannoli of every size and taste, minnuzzi i sant’aita (hard cakes in the shape of a breast), the sugary martorana fruit and the inevitable cassata, even in winter. But for your New Year’s Eve dinner in Catania and its province, close focus on fish. After all this is the specialty of the city and most of the municipalities of its hinterland.

The restaurants in the historic center of the Pescheria area are renowned. Also try a ride a ride in via Santa Filomena, cross street via Umberto street that opens at the height of Villa Bellini, the center of many local restaurants, where you can find some of the most renowned restaurants in Catania at the time.

For those who prefer to stay in the center, there are various possibilities, from the sea to the mountains, for example in restaurants or hotels that are located along the sea of ​​Catania, but also in Aci Trezza or Aci Castello, or in the mountains on the slopes of Etna , where you can find many restaurants and lodges with menus typical of traditional cuisine of Catania.

Here are some types of Menu for the New Year’s Eve dinner which are usually offered:

Meat menu
Menu based on fish
Menu for celiac and gluten intolerant
Menu for vegeteriani
Baby menu
For information on places of interest in restaurants in and around Catania, contact the restaurant page for New Year’s Eve in Catania

New Year in Discotheque
For the younger ones who want to have fun and go wild dancing all night for the last day of the year, surely the best choice is to spend it at the disco.

Catania is a modern and alternative city for dinner and New Year’s Eve offers different alternatives to its tourists. For the young people there is no lack of opportunities to celebrate in the clubs where they dance, or in the most famous discos in the area.

For the best parties in disco for New Year’s Eve in Catania, there.