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For ChocoModica 2019 the Modica Chocolate Protection Consortium has brilliantly indicated the UNICO claim. The synonyms of this adjective also capture the incomparable taste celebrated by Leonardo Sciascia in 1983, revealing the inimitable bar, which, dressed in colorful denominations and protections, runs through all the tasty streets, spreading the aromas and flavors of ancient and current combinations. Unico pertains analogously to the amber consistency of the bare bar that conceals candid sparks of tantalizing capricci, anchored to jolts of childish joys and gratifying clamor. Unique still remains for its figural form that adds to health benefits and providential remedies, spreading scientific symbols of goodness and health. Mirroring the city of Modica, chocolate tells the wisdom of hands aimed at making it unique in Europe and in the world. Unique and fascinating, the chocolate of Modica IGP continues to ignite the prodigy of cultural seed, merging into the pleasure of joyful and festive creativity.

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