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Christmas has never been so magic in Acireale.
Just like every year, the path of Christmas cribs still enchant citizens and tourists.
Along to history, the first Christmas crib representing Nativity scene was made in Greccio (near to Rieti) by St. Francesco. Then the tradition starts to grow and spread in Sicily and Campania.

Among cities of Catania, Acireale distinguish itself for the beauty of its craft Christmas crib. During Christmas holiday, noble buildings, ancient house, museum and churches host the exhibitions of the most beautiful hand-painted figurines.

The city of the hundred bell towers follows a traditional path, called “Stupor Mundi”, with the exhibition of craft Christmas crib in different area of the city. Starting from the 18th century Christmas crib inside the nice Church of St. Maria della Neve, better known as “A Rutta”, because it is located in a cave. The priest Mariano Valerio decided to establish here a crib composed by life-size figurines made of wax dressed with beautiful clothes which were finely decorated.

Continue visiting the Exhibition of craft Christmas crib, cured by the Associazione Artigiana Acese Acireale at the collegio Santonoceto in corso Umberto.
In the Convent of St Rocco has been set up the exhibition of craft Christmas crib “Stella di Betlemme”, cured by Associazione Culturale “Gruppo Liberi Artisti”.

Inside the crypt of St. Sebastiano Basil it is possibile to live the magic of the Neapolitan tradition’s Christmas crib of 18th century. A work born thanks to the mastery of the Neapolitan Ferrigno artists. Every year the scenes are always new but respect the traditional scheme of Neapolitan Christmas crib, such as precious details, silk dresses and perfect small imitations made of wax.

In the same zone, is the church of Oratorio dei Padri Filippini, where the Christmas crib reproduces all the important steps of Jesus’ life (from the Annunciation to the Nativity scene).
Instead, volunteers realize an artistic and original Christmas crib in the church of St. Camillo.

A different crib is hosted in the Church of St. Maria La Scala. “Presepe del Pescatore” (The crib of the fisherman) emphasises the life of fishermen and their tools.

The city centre too is the ideal place where to live the magic of Christmas, with its typical market and artistic Christmas cribs cured by Museo del Natale “San Francesco” and the village of Santa Claus.

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