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The Milazzo castle is the biggest castle in Sicily and it is covers almost 14.000 square meters! 

The Milazzo Castle is a fortified building located in the town of Milazzo, just a 40 minute drive from Messina. Overlooking the town, it has now gained the status of National Monument in Italy. It was actually more of a fortified citadel where the locals used to live in.

It was built on an area where the greeks, romans, byzantines and muslims had previously occupied. The first documents tracing back to the castle go back to the Norman period, the 11-12th century, when the main building was constructed, the Mastio, and it  was then enlarged from the Swabians. After the Normans, the Aragonese, Spanish and Borboni took over the castle adding modifications to the structure till 1880 when the castle was turned into a prison. Unfortunately the changes that were made while this was used as a Prison ended up damaging the ancient beauty of the original structures in this castle. In 1959 this site was abandoned even from the prison duty and it wasn’t until 1991 that the first projects of restoration started. Since 2010 it is open fore the public to visit.



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