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The Diocesan Museum is located in the east ala of the Clerics’ seminary next to the Cathedral, preserves Diocese of Catania’s collection of liturgical furnishings.

By type, furniture and objects are stored inside dating from several historical periods ranging from 1300 onwards.

It’s divided into two sections, the first, which extends from the second floor and the chapel, it exhibits the furnishings of the Cathedral before and after the 1693’s earthquake, with particular attention to those are dedicated to the city’ Saint, the second section is dedicated to furniture and relics were donated to the museum from other dioceses and is exposed to the third and fourth floors of the building.

Among the pieces historically and culturally significant are: the sword relic of King Ludwig II of Aragon, who died in 1355, a rare example of ancient gold production from Catania, a slab of the fourteenth century, attributed to the Master of Miletus and the famous silver fercolo that during the feast of St. Agatha carries for the city the saint’s image.

We suggest you to not miss the view from the terraces, where you can see the baroque city, and the stop at the Museum Cafe, a charming place where to refreshment during or after the visit.