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The Pilar is over 200 meters in height, served as an electrical cable in the 1950s. 

The Pilar is one of the main attractions in Capo Peloro. This town stretches on a small strip of land that divides the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Ionian. The extremity point of Capo Pelorio is the closest part of Sicily to mainland Italy and the tightest point on the Strait of Messina. The Pilar is over 200 meters in height, served as an electrical cable in the 1950s to bring electricity to the island from the mainland. Since the 1990s it wasn’t necessary anymore and it was transformed into a tourist attraction, the ‘Tour Effel’ of Capo Peloro. At nighttime it is illuminated and the views from its top are stunning!

Known for its amazing clear waters, locals choose this town to enjoy a lovely day at the beach. Quite busy during high season in the summer, it is  the most visited for the large number of beach structures available, and the active nightlife with entertainment and music. The clean water and the white thin sand make it a beautiful beach and the view from here is lovely as you can see the coast of Calabria that is only 3km away!

The lighthouse of Capo Pelorio, which is often confused with the Pillar, is referred to as the Faro. It is an ancient octagonal tower high 40 meters. On its top there is a headlight that beams out its light over  sixteen miles in the distance making the Strait of Messina safer to navigate at night.