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The celebrations in Syracuse in honor of Saint Lucia are already on the afternoon of November 30 with the band in the streets of the historic center. On December 9th there is the exposition of the Silver Simulacrum of Saint Lucia in the Chapel dedicated to her in the Cathedral. On December 13th the solemn procession of the Religions and of the Silver Simulacrum begins, which will cross the city to reach the Basilica of Saint Lucia at the Sepulcher.

The procession lasts many hours is a solemn pilgrimage, followed by the devotees in the procession to the cry of Siracusana jè! (Siracusana is). Many people, with candles rushed into their hands, make the procession with bare feet as a sign of thanksgiving or to implore a grace. The Simulacrum of Saint Lucia, escorted by twelve cilii, large wooden candelabras decorated with flowers, is followed by the carriage of the Senate and the Procession, wearing eighteenth-century style clothes, arrived in Piazza Santa Lucia, is greeted by the sound of the bells announcing entrance to the church.

During the eight days in the Basilica a crowd of faithful visits the Holy and the Sepulcher of the Martyr, where the relics are exhibited. December 20 is the day of the return of Santa Lucia in the Cathedral; a long procession and another crowd bath during the hours, different from the previous one, a first stop at the Basilica Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime and the second, at the General Hospital Umberto I, for a moment of prayer.

Upon arrival at the Umbertino Bridge, the city greets the Santa before firing its way to the Cathedral, where it will enter and return to its Chapel.

It is really suggestive to live this important moment together with the community that is very attached to the life of the Saint.


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