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“In Calascibetta … on the way to Bethlehem”, Calascibetta Living Nativity, event organized by the municipal administration, tourism department, with the collaboration of the pro loco association and other associations in the area and individual citizens.

In the splendid naturalistic location that the city of Calascibetta offers, the mysterious night that changes the fate of human lives again. The renewed itinerary, compared to previous editions, is extremely panoramic, full of frowns and natural scenarios that form the backdrop to an almost surreal landscape that involves a cross-section of real life, where the over 100 figures reinterpret ancient crafts and in two days required relive the image that two thousand years ago you breathe in Bethlehem … A city with its contradictions … Your frustrations and sufferings … But that hopes and participants the arrival of the Messiah. The visitor will be accompanied step by step within the path and will feel part of that journey … Because he will live among the people of that time … He will breathe the scents of then … He will taste the flavors of then and in the end, he will feel deeply enriched by an experience that has no equal … ”