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There isn’t a specific day when falling in love with Catania movida: each night, every night of the week you will find people who are ready to party around the city. At dinner – you shold know it – pubs start to get crowded at 21.30 (just like in Spain, for example!) and after dinner too, you can’t go to sleep! There’s always a good reason to toast with friends. It doesn’t matter if in a cocktail bar or in one of the typical kiosks: what’s matter is staying together.



What are the main places of Catania movida? In recent years, citizens like Vico Santa Filomena. In the nearby of via Umberto and Villa Bellini, it is a street full of delicious restaurants which offers km0 dishes, cocktails realised by professional bartender, tasty pizzas, traditional dishes.




For younger people, the most lively location is Piazza Teatro Massimo: for generations, boys and girls meet late at night to drink a cocktail or a “shot” in the nearby of Bellini Theatre.

If you have, instead, a more romantic soul, we will suggest you to reach by car the harbor. Here, in addition to classical pubs you have to see the giant murals on the silos. But not only that: stop for breathing the night air, look over one of the dock letting yourself be cradled by the rocking of the boats, the see of bright stars and the quiet atmosphere around Archi della Marina.

Do you want to finish on an high note? Many bars are open 24 hours. Give in to the temptation of eating a warm Nutella, cream or pistachio croissant, or one of Sicilian dessert. But if you’re a real highlander, you should reach St. Giovanni Li Cuti village: admiring the dawn from the coast of the seafaring village will remain in your heart.