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The tour

  • START: 6:00
  •  DURATION. 3,5 km

Do you ever think about the possibility of seeing the transformation of a city through its churches?

If you think it isn’t possible, it is because you have never been to Taormina. The buildings tell us all about the architectural evolution of the city, its traditions, stories, and culture. Like the church carved in the rock where the Virgin Mary appeared to a shepherd boy or the church built on the remains of a Greek temple. Here there is a beautiful feast that only takes place once every four years.

  1. CHURCH OF SS. PETER AND PAUL The Church of SS. Peter and Paul, located near the Arabian Necropolis, was probably built in the Byzantine era on the ruins of a Greek temple. The church is reputed being the oldest Christian church in Taormina; it hosts the statue of St. Pietro.
  2. ANGLICAN CHURCH OF SAINT GEORGE The construction of the Anglican church, completed in 1922, is dedicated to Saint George and was built by Sir Edward to assign it to the British community established in Taormina. On the main façade, you can admire the Siracusa stone portal.
  3. CHURCH OF SAN PANCRAZIO  The church dedicated to the patron of Taormina dates back to the XVIII century. It was built, in Baroque style, on the ruins of a Greek temple dedicated to Jupiter Serapide. At the entrance of it, there is a courtyard fenced by a brick archway. Every four years there are the celebrations in honor of St. Pancrazio, from the church starts the procession.
  4. CHURCH OF ST. CATHERINE The Church of St. Catherine was built in Baroque style in Taormina pink marble in the first half of 1600 on the ruins of the Odeon. Inside the church, there is the marble statue of St. Catherine and are still visible in the Greek-Roman ruins.
  5. CHURCH OF ST. JOSEPH The Church of St. Joseph stands in the Piazza IX Aprile, next to the Clock Tower. A double ramp fenced with carved Siracusa stone balustrade leads to the parvis, where the big central portal in marble of Taormina in different colors is.
  6. CATHEDRAL OF TAORMINA Built-in the thirteenth century on the ruins of an existing church, the Cathedral is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari. The “Fortress Cathedral” has a simple structure full of exterior fortification elements typical of medieval buildings.
  7. FORMER CHURCH OF ST. ANTHONY ABATE The church of St. Anthony, patron saint of animals, was built in 1330. Its façade has architectural elements belonging to a different age; influences of Gothic art, elements of baroque and Byzantine unite around the splendid portal. To be visited: the permanent crib that reproduces the monuments of Taormina.
  8. CHURCH OF MADONNA OF THE ROCK Built-in the twelfth century, the Church of the Madonna of the Rock takes its name from the peculiarity of being built and carved in the rock. It is a place of pilgrimage where every third Sunday of September the Madonna Della Rocca is celebrated. Reach the mount where the church stands, you will enjoy an extraordinary view of the city.