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The Archaeological Underground Tour is a famous cultural attraction in Catania where you can discover the impressive ruins of the ancient Roman city dating back to the 6th century. 

An archaeological underground tour of Catania will allow you to witness a large chunk of the historical heritage of the city, as layers of lava have preserved the 6th century Roman city. You can discover the remains of its magnificent domus, spa, large theatres, the places of worship linked to St. Agatha and St. Euplio and finally the medieval city. Delving deep below the city, visitors will have the chance to see more roads, churches, and even entire buildings, providing a unique experience.

The tour starts from the Amphitheatre in Piazza Stesicoro where there are remains of the Roman city and the Necropolis, afterwards it moves onto the Terme Achilliane and the Terme della Rotonda which are under Piazza del Duomo, and then the Prisons which can only be accessed by a narrow staircase in the Church of Santo Carcere. The itinerary is charming and fascinating, allowing visitors to discover some of the most significant locations in the history of Catania.