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Two full days of e-bike riding to discover the geological wonders of Etna as well as it’s flora and fauna. The first day covers a full circumnavigation of Etna from south to north on 38km of easy to medium cycle paths that cross deserts of lava, wonderful woods of beeches and pine and fascinating caves formed by the lava flows of Etna. Overnight we will stay in a refuge on the north side of Etna in one of the most stunning spots around the volcano. The next day involves a pedal to the summital craters of the volcano at 3100m. From here a 45 minute walk takes us to the edge of the active crater where we can hear the ‘breathing’ of this powerful volcano whilst savouring the panorama that allows us to see the Aeolian islands and the gulf of Catania. The return journey takes us past the the craters of the great eruption of 2001-2002 and the spectacular Valle del Bove before arriving back the the office of Aitne Med.