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Rock Climbing Clubs in Messina Featured

Rock Climbing lovers can plan a perfect holiday in Messina thanks to its 11 separate limestone crag. Here you can find a combination of sea cliffs and multi-pitch bolted routes […]

Pilar & Lighthouse in Capo Peloro Featured

The Pilar is over 200 meters in height, served as an electrical cable in the 1950s.  The Pilar is one of the main attractions in Capo Peloro. This town stretches on a small strip […]

Letojanni of Taormina Beach Featured

Letojanni has a long fine and golden sandy bay where there are many fully equipped lidos. The wonderful Letojanni beach is placed 6km from Taormina and 65km from Catania. It is suitable for families and for a very […]

Marina di Cottone Featured

Marina di Cottone is definitely a wild and natural area. Marina di Cottone is a long shingle beach with beautifully clear waters located near the Natural Reserve of Fiumefreddo and Fondachello, […]

Mulino di Acireale beach Featured

Mulino di Acireale is a wonderful beach with blue and turquoise water and a volcanic seabed. Mulino di Acireale is located along the rocky path of Timpa Nature Reservecovered by lush Mediterranean […]

Golf Club in Catania Featured

The energetic city of Catania, framed by the Etna volcano and its impressive vegetation, includes in its wonders an important Golf Club: Il Picciolo  This resort, created in 1989 by architect Luigi Rota […]


The Archaeological Underground Tour is a famous cultural attraction in Catania where you can discover the impressive ruins of the ancient Roman city dating back to the 6th century.  An archaeological […]


Two full days of e-bike riding to discover the geological wonders of Etna as well as it’s flora and fauna. The first day covers a full circumnavigation of Etna from south […]


La nostra tappa, all’insegna del divertimento e della spensieratezza, ha per protagonista “Il Carnevale di Misterbianco” (CT) che, avvolto dal fascino di antiche tradizioni e dopo un laborioso cammino che […]


If you’ve ever studied art history, you’ll know how to easily spot Saint Agatha in a fresco painting – she’s the one holding her breasts on a platter, a hint […]